Monday 22 March 2010

te - If that is what is being thought, liberated sound talks the depth of “musical” world.



Math Rock, Instrumental, Post Rock

1 己が分を知りて及ばざる時は速やかに止むるを『智』と言うべし – 2:57
It must be called “Intelligence” if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be.
2 思想とは我々の選ぶものを見せず、我々の好むものを『見』せる – 5:04
A thought would never let people “watch” what they choose. Instead, it let them see what they hope to see.
3 不安なのは事柄にでは無く、それに関する人の『考』えにである – 3:50
Anxiety is not about the issue. It is actually about people’s “Mind” related to the issue that they are afraid of.
4 欲は全ての言葉を話し、全ての役を演じ、無欲者すら『演』ずる – 5:02
Avarice would speak with every word, it “acts” every part and it even pretends to be not avaricious.
5 退屈な原作の滑稽さを直視させる模倣だけが真の『模倣』である – 6:10
A real “imitation” is the imitation that let people see ridiculousness of boring original one.
6 暗黒中での想像力は明るい光よりも逞しく働くのを『常』とする – 6:00
It is supposed to be “ordinary” that imagination moves much faster and more freely than bright light in the darkness.
7 沈黙中の表情にこそ、言葉選びに勝る本当の雄弁が『存在』する – 4:49
“Existence” of eloquence is only in a look of people’s face that remain silence, and it even beats any kind of words.
8 怒りは愚かな者を殺し、妬みは馬鹿者の生命を『瞬間』ごと苛む – 3:14
Anger kills all the idiots, and envy would torture foolish people and all the “instants” being involved.
9 我は希望に従って約束をし、恐怖にかられて約束を『果』たす – 5:53
We promise with a view to hope, but the reason to “accomplish” what we promised would be fear.
10 人が空想で描く世界よりも、人が生きる現実は『遥』かに物深い – 2:07
A reality that people are living in this world is a lot “more” complicated than fantasy-land that they imagine


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